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Turkey charter yacht to sea Fethiye charter yacht charter luxury yacht charter Dead sea charter island hopping tour

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Specializing in VIP service standards, you can choose a variety of additional services to meet the needs of various scenarios
Package day, yachts of different sizes can meet different numbers of people from 2 to 45 people to go out to sea
beach! Jump into the sea! swim ! diving!
Special lunch included

Date and Tour Beginning Time

Fethiye Dead Sea chartered out to sea
Go to the boarding point by yourself before 9:00 in the morning, start the 8-hour trip to the sea, including lunch in the middle, arrive at the disembarking point around 17:00
Lunch included

More Information
Product Types Yacht Rental
Country Turkey
Departure City Fethiye
Related Destinations Fethiye
Approximate Duration 1 Hour
Pick Up Location Go to the marina by yourself, if you need to pick up, please contact to purchase in advance
Drop Off Location Return to the hotel by yourself, if you need pick up, please contact to purchase in advance
Participants Rules The price is the yacht rental price. According to the size of the yacht, it can take 15 people or less. For more than 15 people, please contact the online customer service for inquiries.
Other Informations

How to use

Please contact the online customer service in time after placing the order to confirm the order status

There are no restrictions on the yacht ride. Pregnant women and those who are unwell are not recommended to take a yacht to play at sea. Please decide by yourself whether to participate.

Meeting time and place

Go to the pier by yourself according to the scheduled time

Includes :

  • Fee not included

    1. Personal consumption and any expenses not mentioned above
    2. Optional value-added service fees for the project
    3. Transfer is not included, you need to go to the pier by yourself


Excludes :

  • Special Note

    Fethiye luxury yacht charter to sea

    Product Description: This required time:

    1. The time required for the project itself (excluding the time required for pick-up and other actual occurrences): the actual length of the package
    2. The whole journey time including pick-up and drop-off: It takes about 20 minutes to 1 hour for a single trip from the city to the wharf. The actual time on board depends on the package actually taken (this item does not include pick-up and drop-off)
    3. This project is a fixed time of eight hours a day, please go to the boarding point in advance

    Service commitment: no shopping, no hidden consumption

    Service language:
    Online service language: Chinese + Tuan + English
    In-line service language: Tuyu + English The product is a Fethiye charter product. The yachts used in this product are operated according to the VIP service standard, and professional and safe yacht sailing services are provided 24 hours a day throughout the year.

  • [Buyer's Default] After the order takes effect, if the order is cancelled due to the buyer's reasons, the deduction standards are as follows:
    If the buyer notices cancellation more than 7 days before departure (excluding), 0% of the order will be charged
    6 to 4 days before departure, if the buyer notices cancellation, 30% of the order will be charged
    3 days to 1 day before departure, if the buyer notices cancellation, 80% of the order will be charged
    If the buyer notices cancellation within 1 day before departure, 100% of the order will be charged
    The above time is the local time of the product

    Cancellation Policy Description:
    1. The provisions for the order to take effect are subject to the relevant provisions of the platform rules.
    2. The "day" mentioned in the above table refers to the natural day, and the local time where the goods and services are located shall prevail.
    3. In the event of an objective event or force majeure that the merchant has exercised reasonable duty of care but cannot avoid, it is not the merchant's cause that causes the merchant to cancel the order. And vice versa for buyers.
    If the necessary expenses deducted according to the above agreed proportions are lower than the actual expenses, the user shall pay according to the actual expenses, but shall not exceed the total order amount.


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