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Turkey Cappadocia-Pamukkale-Fethiye 6 Days Private Tour Departure From Istanbul

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  • Avoide Crowded Groups,Private Tour Only For You 
  • Discover more demands in your limited time 
  • Flexibility with & without tour guide 
  • Customizable & All in one price ,no hidden costs


Day 1&Day 2 :Turkey Cappadocia Tour

  • Option 1:
  • Day 1 : ATV sunset tour
  • Day 2 : Cappadocia Mixed Tour
  • Option 2:
  • Day 1 : Red Tour
  • Day 2 : Green Tour
  • Option 3:
  • Day 1 : Red Tour
  • Day 2: Erciyes Ski Tour
  • Option 4:
  • Day 1 : Green Tour
  • Day 2 : Erciyes Ski Tour
  • Option 5:
  • Day 1 : Mixed Tour
  • Day 2 : Erciyes Ski Tour
  • DAY 1:
  • Hotel Pick up in Istanbul around 06.00
  • Airport Transfer ,from hotels in Istanbul to Airport (Istanbul Airport or Sabiha Gokcen Airport)
  • Fly to Cppadocia from Istanbul around 09.00 ,airport transfer from Cappadocia airport to Goreme 
  • One day Cppadocia Tour (Choose from options)
  • Drop off to hotel in Cappadocia around 18.00 ,hotels will be one of the :Holiday Cave Hotel ;Zara Cave Hotel ; Alfina Cave Hotel
  • DAY2:
  • Cppadocia hot air balloon in the morning
  • Hotel pick up around 10.00
  • One day Cappadocia tour(Choose from options)
  • Drop off to hotel in Cappadocia around 18.00 ,hotels will be one of the :Holiday Cave Hotel ;Zara Cave Hotel ; Alfina Cave Hotel
  • Attractions for ATV:
  1. Cavusin(off-road)
  2. Rose Valley
  3. Girls Monastery
  4. Red Valley
  5. Swords Valley
  6. Love Valley 
  • Attractions for Mixed Line:
  1. Goreme Panorama
  2. Kaymakli Underground City
  3. Ihlara Valley
  4. Uchisar Castle
  5. Pigeon Valley
  6. Rose Valley
  7. Pahsabag (Mashroom) Valley
  • Attractions for Red Tour:
  1. Uchisar Historical Castle
  2. Love Valley
  3. Open Air Museum
  4. Cavusun Koyu
  5. Pashabag (Mashroom) Valle
  6. Deve Peri Bacasi
  • Attractions for Green Tour:
  1. Goreme Panorama
  2. Kaymakli Underground City
  3. Ihlara Valley
  4. Selime Monastery
  5. Pigeon Valley

Day3:Turkey Cappadocia Izmir Tour

  • Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Tour in the morning
  • Free time in Cappadocia
  • Airpoirt Transfer ,from Goreme to Cappadocia Airport around 15.00
  • Fly to Izmir around 17.00 ,airport transfer ,from Izmir Airport to Kusadasi
  • Drop off hotel in Kusadasi around 19.00 ,hotel will be one of the :

Day4:Turkey Ephesus Tour

  • Hotel pick up around 10.00
  • One day tour in Kusadasi and Ephesus
  • Attractions Included :
  1. Kusadasi Castle
  2. Ephesus Antique City
  3. Mother Mary's House
  4. The Temple of Artemis
  • Move forward to Pamukkale around 14.30
  • Drop off to hotel in Pamukkale around 18.00 ,hotels will be one of the :Colossae Thermal Hotel ,Pam Thermal Hotel ,Richmond Thermal Hotel

Day5:Turkey Pamukkale Tour

  • Hotel pick up around 10.00 ,enjoy half day tour in Pamukkale
  • Attractions included:
  1. Pamukkale Thermal Pools
  2. Hierapolis Archaeological Site
  3. Hierapolis Archaeological Museum
  • Move forward to Fethiye around 15.00
  • Drop off to hotel in Fethiye around 18.30 ,hotels will be one of the : Manas Park Hotel ,Alesta Yacht Hotel, Orka Boutique Hotel 

Day6:Turkey Fethiye Tour

  • Hotel Pick up around 10.00
  • Enjoy one day Fethiye tour with guide ,you can choose one of:
  • Option One: One day Oludeniz Boat Tour
  • Option Two: One day private tour with guide ,attractions for Fethiye Tour:
  1. Tomb of Amynthas 
  2. Kayakoy Ghost Village
  3. Butterfly Valley
  4. Oludeniz Beach
  • Airport transfer from Fethiye to Dalaman Airport
  • Fly to Istanbul around 19.00 ,end the trip at airport (it maybe Istanbul Airport ,also maybe Sabiha Gokcen Airport)
More Information
Product Types 6-7 Days Private Tours
Country Turkey
Departure City Istanbul
Related Destinations Cappadocia, Fethiye, Istanbul, Izmir, Pamukkale
Approximate Duration 6 Days
Shopping No Shopping
Pick Up Location A hotel pick up is availbe from hotels in istanbul or airport
Drop Off Location Tour finishes at istanbul airport domestic terminal
Participants Rules ● 0-6 chiled is availbe for discount ● price is for per person
Other Informations
  • Vehicle Arrangement
  1. In whole journey, 5/7/9/12/15/27seats cars are selected according to the number of tourists. The number of seats is greater than the number of tourists. By default, one adults can carry only 2 luggage at most.
  2. The driver is a local driver, and the drivers can speak Turkish (Native) and very limited English. Before the tours, we will make a Wechat or Whatapp online chatting group, so we can keep in touch with our customers instantly.
  3. If tour program includes flights, then the appropriate flight will be booked. The default ticket booking are economy class with 15kg of luggage and a handbag. If you have a special requirements for ticket class and landing airport, please inform in advance.
  4. We will not gurantee only single driver used in whole process, so there may be a different drivers in different cities.
  • Accommodation

If tour program includes accomodation, then please read our accomodation policy.

  1. By default 2 people in per standard rooms. For more details about hotels, please refer to recommended hotel list. Recommended hotels are subject to change in actual booking.
  2.  If you needs a triple room, there are very few options for arranging a triple room in the Turkey's hotel market. Many hotels do not provide exactly the same sized three beds in triple room. When a triple room is requested, it may be added to the standard room based on actual hotel conditions. Extra bed or sofa arranged for you. There is no guarantee that the bed size is the same or the room size is different from double room.
  3. When the number of people is a odd, by default single person will be arranged to single room. If three people are asked to arrange triple room, then a 20 Euro will be refunded to per night accommodation.
  4.  For the recommended list of hotels, please refer to this form (Recommended Hotel List), which will be subject to change in actual booking.
  • Tickets

This product contains the first ticket for all attractions disclosed in the product details.

  • Accompanying Personals
  1. This tour packages can be selected with option that do not include tour guides and with tour guides. If you select without tour guide package, we will assist your tour program via calling or instant online chatting. If you need a tour guide, choose the with tour guide options.
  2. The meal and accommodation fees of the driver and tour guide are included.
  3.  In Turkey people expect tips for services rendered but not at the scale as in the USA or Europe. If you are satisfied with the driver/guide's service, you can provide tips appropriately, but it is not mandatory.
  • Children Policy
  1. 0-6 years old (excluding 6 years old) children with do not occupy a bed can enjoy half price;
  2. 6 years old (including 6 years old) or above is calculated at the adult price;
  3. if the tour program includes a accommodation; 2 adults can take one children under 6 years old with half price, second or more children's are calculated at the adult price.
  • Dining
  1. The whole tour program does not include meals. If the itinerary includes a accommodation, then the hotel's breakfast is included.
  2. The meal and accommodation fees of the driver and tour guide are included.you dont have to pay for it 
  • Insurance
  1. As an overseas travel agency, our agency cannot purchase overseas travel insurance for you. Please be sure to choose the corresponding overseas travel insurances according to your own needs and expense budget before leaving the country.
  2. The cars used in your itinerary and other optional tours are covered by related insurance.
  • Tour Program Instructions
  1. The assembly time, departure time and the order of attractions marked on the itinerary are subject to change in actual tour program.
  2. Time of staying in attractions, daily departure time, etc., are subject to change in actual tour program.
  3. The tour starts with pick-up at a hotel in city center of Istanbul in the morning (excluding airport pick-up) at first day, and ends at Istanbul Airport on the last day (considering customers who return directly to the country at the airport, this quotation does not include tranfer from the airport to the hotel on the last day ), or ends with transfering to the hotel at the end of the city tour on the last day (excluding airport drop-off service)
  4. The flight time in the tour program are subject change in actual tour program.
  5. The program is affected due to weather or special circumstances of the flights (delayed, cancelled, etc.), our company will not responsible for the various losses caused by this (the day's fare, air ticket, ticket), we will only try bests to help you reduce the loss, arrange the tour program, and negotiate with the airline company/related company to reduce the loss.

Includes :

  • Entry or admission fee
  • Fuel surcharge,highway,parking fee
  • Air-conditional vehicle
  • Professional and highly experienced Guide
  • Two Domestic Flights(economic class)
  • Airport Transfers Tour guides (depends on your package options)
  • Driver & tour guides meals(depends on your tour schedual)
  • Hotel accommodation (2 person/standard room)

Excludes :

  • Airport transfer from Istanbul airport (Istanbul Airport or Sabiha Gokcen Airport) to Istanbul city center after the trip
  • Turkish E-visa and international flights
  • Optional tours during your tour like :Optional tours, meals, activities and services
  • Lunch & Dinner
  • The booking is 100% refundable until 30 days before the departure of the Experience.
  • The booking is 95% refundable until 15 days before the departure of the Experience.
  • The booking is 80% refundable until 7 days before the departure of the Experience.
  • The booking is 40% refundable until 4 days before the departure of the Experience.
  • The booking is 20% refundable until 1 days before the departure of the Experience.
  • The booking is not refundable 1 days less before the departure of the Experience.
  • The Booking Is not partially refundable.

Notice: If the necessary expenses are lower than the actual expenses incurred according to the above agreed ratio, the tourists shall need to pay according to the actual expenses incurred, but the maximum amount shall not exceed the total travel expenses. Insurance, distribution, flight tickets, hotel cancellation penalty and train tickets are not included in travel expenses. All are charged based on actual losses.


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