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Turkey yacht charter Istanbul Bosphorus luxury yacht charter Strait cruise

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Confirm the order after contacting the decision in time

Parade, and online participants please do not participate, please participants are not recommended to participate, please go on a cruise on your own, please confirm whether to participate

Travel time and date

Bosphorus Private Luxury Yacht Tour:

Viewable from the boat: Fatih Sultan Mehmed Bridge, Anadolu Hissari, Hidiv Kasri, Küçüksu Kasrı, Beylerbeyi Palace, Kulli Military High School, Bo Sprouse Bridge, Uskudar, Maiden's Tower (Kız Kulesi), Selimiye Barracks, Haydarpaşa Port, Haydarpaşa Train Station, Kadikoy, Fenerbahce Ş.Saraçoğlu Stadium, Kalamış, Fenerbahce Burnu

You can see around the Historic Peninsula (Tarihi Yarımada):
Suleymaniye Mosque, Bayazit Tower, Grand Bazaar, Arena, Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace.

Near the Golden Horn (Halic) you can see:
Galata Bridge, Pantocrator Church, Valens Aqueduct, St. George Patriarchal Church (Fener Patriarchal), Fatih Mosque, Rahmi Koc Museum, Bulgarian St. Stephen's Church (Metal Kilise), Eyup Sultan, Cafe Pierre Loti, Feshane, Surlar (Sea Wall), Kariye Museum, Miniaturk.

You can see around the Bosphorus (European side):
Galata Tower, Dolmabahce Palace, Inonu Stadium, Taksim Square, Serra Palace, Bosphorus Bridge, Ortakoy Square and Mosque, Rumeli Hisari (European Fortress), Bebek Bay, Levent and Maslak Business Centres, Turk Telekom Arena Galatasaray Stadium.

More Information
Product Types Yacht Rental
Country Turkey
Departure City Istanbul
Related Destinations Istanbul
Approximate Duration 2 Hour
Pick Up Location Go to the marina by yourself, if you need to pick up, please contact to purchase in advance
Drop Off Location Return to the hotel by yourself, if you need pick up, please contact to purchase in advance
Participants Rules The price is for yacht charter and can accommodate 10-25 people depending on the size of the yacht
Other Informations

Reservation notice:

1. You need to make an appointment in advance, arrive at the designated pier 20 minutes in advance according to the appointment time, start departure according to the appointment time, and return to the pier to end the service when the appointment time ends.

2. If the delay is temporarily proposed, it can be delayed or not according to whether the ship is free in the next time period.

3. You can bring your own drinks or food outside, but an additional service fee will be charged. The service fee varies according to the number of people, please consult customer service

4. Free cancellation before 15 days, 50% of the actual cost will be deducted within 15 days, and the full cost will be deducted within 5 days. If you need to modify the time, please follow the ship's reservation in the modified time period you proposed. Determine if the time can be modified.

5. In the case of rainy days or extremely cold weather, the boat has an internal heating system and an internal space to cover the rain, so you cannot apply for cancellation or refund for this reason, unless you receive a notification from the relevant department that you cannot go to sea.

6. The appointment time can be selected from 7 to 24 o'clock. As long as the corresponding ship has time, it can go to sea without time limit.

7. If there is a late arrival at the pier, your actual rental time will be reduced, and you cannot delay to supplement your late arrival time, please understand

8. Our staff on board will also provide simple shooting services according to your needs. If you need professional photographers, please inform and make an appointment, and the cost will be charged separately.

9. There are no restrictions on the yacht ride. Pregnant women and those who are unwell are not recommended to take a yacht to play at sea. Please decide whether to participate.

10. If the traveler requests to return in advance due to his own reasons after going to sea, no refund will be given. If the trip is prohibited due to force majeure, the booking fee can be rescheduled or part of the booking fee refunded.

Includes :

  • coffee and/or tea
  • music system
  • LCD TV/Blu-ray Player
  • Home Theater Sound System

Excludes :

  • $15 Turkish Breakfast
  • $25 alcoholic beverages for dinner or lunch
  • $30 dinner or lunch with non-alcoholic beverages
  • Cake $20 (6-8 people)

*Excludes transfers and meals*
Simple English service and online Chinese service, go to the pier by yourself, excluding transfer service,
The time can be reserved in advance and set off according to the appointment time.
Sightseeing on both sides of the Bosphorus Strait
The price is for 15 people or less (including 15 people)
For more than 15 passengers, please consult customer service for price


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